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Do you sometimes find it difficult to stay calm behind the wheel, especially when other drivers cut you off or follow too closely?

Or maybe you’ve found yourself the target of an impatient driver blaring their horn and angrily waving their hands at you.

Either way, it’s important to know that aggressive driving and road rage can quickly become dangerous — and even illegal. Take these steps to keep yourself, your passengers and fellow drivers safer.

When is road rage illegal?

Some aspects of road rage could be considered harassment in a court of law, such as chasing someone down and yelling at them or making obscene gestures.

Other actions, such as slamming on your brakes, speeding, tailgating or swerving in out of traffic, could bring aggressive or reckless driving charges. If an incident escalates to physical harm or if a weapon is involved, this could lead to assault charges or worse.

What can you do to avoid road rage incidents?

If you’re prone to getting angry behind the wheel, try the following:

– Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

– Listen to calming music or podcasts.

– Try to have empathy for your fellow drivers. You never know what they’re dealing with that day.

– Practice deep breathing when you start to feel frustrated.

If you’re the target of an aggressive driver:

– Try to remain calm and don’t engage with them.

– Slow down or take an alternate route to avoid them altogether.

– Call 911 if you feel like you’re in immediate danger.

– Don’t pull over to discuss the situation.

If you’ve been involved in a road rage incident and have legal questions, reach out today.

When Angry Driving Becomes Illegal

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