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Covid-19 Legal Resources

As the full impact of Covid-19 – AKA – Coronavirus becomes clear, we’ve been asked to offer Washington State residents a resource center for legal questions that may arise during this time. Whether you’ve been directly affected by the virus, are suffering its collateral economic impact, or have pending legal issues that have been slowed by reductions in court staffing, here’s a list of resources to help you understand your questions.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please email us at and we’ll connect with you by phone or video conferencing to make sure you’re able to move forward. From all of us at BLF, stay safe!

*These are resources, not legal advice. BRUMLEY LAW FIRM does not represent you unless you sign a contract for services. Using these free resources does not constitute a legal contract for services.

If you are a small Washington business navigating the Payroll Protection Loan (PPP), please see our full webinar here.


What to Do While the Courts are Closed

The Supreme Court of Washington has severely limited the operation of most courthouses due to Governor Inslee’s Stay Home- Stay Healthy proclamation. To ensure continued access to the justice system while protecting public health, the Court has put in place new directives for cases that are allowed to proceed and information about cases that will be postponed until Courts reopen. While necessary for public health reasons, it has caused confusion for the public and serious delays in many cases. To further complicate matters, the Supreme Court and Superior Court may continue to update their Orders as the Governor’s Emergency Orders evolve.  Read more on our latest post.


Covid-19 Employee Work From Home Letter

As a worker in Washington State, it’s important that you are able to make decisions about how to keep yourself safe during the Covid-19 / Coronavirus outbreak without having to choose between health and employment.  Most employers are doing their best to balance these needs for their employees, but if you’re in an employment situation that is requiring you to work in unsafe conditions, this downloadable letter can help you state your case.

Covid -19 Credit Card Assistance Letter

The financial strain for almost all individuals and families in Washington State is overwhelming right now and will likely grow more so over the coming weeks and months. If you find yourself in financial trouble due to the Covid-19 / Coronavirus outbreak and need to work with your credit card company to ensure that your credit remains in good standing during this difficult time, use this letter.


Covid-19 Mortgage Assistance Letter

The recent Covid-19 outbreak is presenting a unique challenge for both banks and borrowers in Washington State and around the country. While many lending institution have, and continue to act in good faith and in the spirit of the emergency, borrowers do have legal recourse. The downloadable mortgage assistance letter will help ensure that you’ve communicated your rights and responsibilities to your lender regarding the next steps.


Covid-19 Bench Warrant Assistance

Understanding your legal jeopardy during a national emergency can be confusing. Bench warrants issued at a state and local level may be a particular challenge right now as many courts are on a drastically reduced schedule. If you’re looking for more information about bench warrants during this emergency or want further information about the status of a loved one in jail, please read the following.


Covid-19 Family Law Assistance

Are the courts closed? Not completely, but they are only hearing certain types of cases due to limited availability. Due to Court closures until April 24, 2020 (at a minimum), the courts are allowing phone calls for some cases. You do not need to appear for court, simply contact the court or your attorney to get information on the court call system. If you need an emergency hearing, contact and we can respond with information to assist you. Please download this document for more information.


Governor Inslee’s ‘Stay at Home’ Order

On Monday, March 23, Governor Jay Inslee issued a ‘Stay at Home’  order for residents of Washington State. The order provides a legal framework for enforcing restrictions in public movement during a time of crisis. If you’re looking to understand what the law consists of and how it will be applied please download the following document.


Covid-19 Landlord Letter

The recent Covid-19 outbreak is presenting a unique challenge for both landlords and tenants in Washington State. While many landlords have, and continue to act in good faith and in the spirit of the emergency, tenants do have legal recourse. The downloadable landlord letter will help ensure that you’ve communicated your rights and responsibilities to your landlord regarding the next steps.

Watch our recent webinar – “Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities during Coronavirus

A complete Guide to Covid-19 Resources in Washington

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